Leo Louis by Jake Jaxson

I’m Leo, a third-legged 21-year-old Cybertwunk. I’m a Visual Artist who ostentates his carnality as a means to finance his artistic career. I’ve made the decision of devoting my existence to life’s absurdity: I wish to be a walking Oxymoron. To play with fine art’s elitism in one hand while toying with porn’s ludicrous premise with the other is a game of mine.

Last year, I was studying Philosophy and Art History at McGill University. My first solo show opened on March 12, 2020 - Entre les Lignes.

The world came to a stop the next day.

I was learning German in view of studying Fine Arts in Berlin, but my plans took a hit.

After a 2020 hiatus spent helping my parents build their retirement home amid

the Pandemic, the calling of the Arts merged with the Adult Entertainment industry.