I'm serious about my art despite what my young age could lead to believe and it's important for me that it's understood. Being asked practically everyday where do I take my inspiration from, here's a text summarizing my thoughts on today's date. It's in constant evolution.

The soul is to me the purity of the mind, its simplest form, its more complete and truest one. It’s the Form of a mind, to reference Plato. I try to reach it in every one of my artwork ; I want to give it a voice, I want to have a taste of its purity. My art is the media of my philosophical approach.


I’m inspired by what touches my soul. It happens quickly, it’s felt in a brief instant, in a few seconds at most. Even if the experience is momentary, the feeling will forever stay with me. It’s these vivid moments that I aim to represent in my art. The source is often unexpected and is easy to miss if your soul isn’t ready to bind to another one on the spot. A written example would never make justice to what I felt and that’s why I produce art. I try to share the emotion and not the moment. 


I’m interested by the role that feelings have in our lives, how experiencing them can impact human interaction and our perception of the world. This vast theme encompasses relationships, sexuality, self-perception and so gender identity, alongside a panoply of various subjects having an impact on the mind or the body. The duality of these two elements has been addressed by many philosophers, but it’s Rousseau that has sparked my interest for the role of their interaction on an individual. I don’t know yet if sexuality is more a matter of the body than the mind, some of my work address this questioning specifically.

The human is a social being by nature. I strongly believe that the human experience can’t be limited to  first-degree communications and that it can take a more profound shape, the one of feelings. They bind us together, in a way that I wouldn’t know how to explain. I know so little about them and yet they are what define and dictate the laws of human interaction in its most elementary form. I feel like we’ve lost their track, that we’ve got further away from one another on the sentimental state. However, feelings are still around. When I allow them to touch my soul, I feel like I’m living as I should. I feel linked to my mind. 

Big ambitions, actions taken aiming to reach them, and a lot of will in my heart. You are welcome to follow the evolution of my thought, mind an art. Let’s see where it’ll lead us.