Death to Objectivism, for we must kill God ourselves. Existential Nihilism makes an awkward space for the subjective, which finds itself in a distorted reality incomprehensible to everyone but itself. He whose purpose is to lack one and whose freedom is exerted continuously, regardless of his will, must become his own God, for his time is counted. Mortality means there is finality. This is God’s greatest gift to humanity, and our only solace.

Upon realizing the meaninglessness of my own existence, I have become devoted to the pursuit of the absurd. Postmodernism highlights art’s existential crisis, and I wish to partake in its downfall.

The art world has been shaped by millenniums of elitism. Sex work, on the other hand, has been denigrated precisely for belonging to a lesser class; that of our physicality, for art makes us gods and sex makes us animals. I see hypocrisy in this reality, as both ultimately pursue the absurd. The former gave up its primary function, realistic depiction, long ago to a gain of greater freedom, and has since been built on nothing but pretense. The latter surrendered to animalism, acknowledging our common nature. At least one of them is honest about their baseness.

Sex has been guiding Earth’s biological entropy for eons. Predation lead way to the Cambrian explosion, for comparison is the driving factor of life. It’s at the very core of human nature, and ought to be celebrated instead of shamed. By doing pornographic work, I do as I was physically constructed to do. I am a man deprived of objective morality; if others see value in my body’s image, then I will sell it without second thoughts. I’m confined, limited, to my physicality; the least I can do is exploit it for my own artistic gain. I wish to raise the esteem sex is held in, while at the same time and devaluing art to a common level.

Absurdity, powered by a societal sense of urgency, seems to characterize postmodernism. Since the turn of the new millennia, a handful of public figures have successfully marketed their sexuality through films, television, and photography for their personal gain.

What is the sex card? To play on one’s core mechanism that is the unconscious tendency, or bias, towards mating, historically played through association found in marriages, companionship & social proximity.

Now the game has shifted in ways which were previously unthinkable. Social Media Influencers, leaked sex tapes, fandoms, along with the worship of different Fetishes and body shapes because no God is left to love, and it’s easier to love someone else than ourselves. Value is stripped away from its substance and initial form for the sake of public associations. We have come full circle, art for art’s sake, fame begetting fame, power for power, one for itself, I for myself.

I put myself on display, naked for all the world to see, at the intersection of art and sex. 

Andy Warhol revolutionized modernity (along with Marcel Duchamp) using his Marketing background to associate public figures and corporations, and then deriving monetary value regardless of the content. 

Following his example, I wish to absorb my physicality’s perceived value and present it as equal to my art’s. Would both be shown at once, Warhol has proven that we’ll transpose one’s value onto the other if given enough time, repetition, and persistence. The same way Warhol printed thousands of portraits of Marylin Monroe, I want to reference and amplify myself in a closed loop. Association etymologically comes from Latin socius – companion or ally. Our social structure calls in its very core mechanisms for associative strategies: so please, ostentate me.

My determinist beliefs shaped my rational ego death and my volatile reality. My body is a machine whose purpose - fighting constant decay - goes against the universe’s core principle, entropy.

My time is short, my power is limited., I’m a finite being. I ought to escape Sartre’s bad faith and exert freedom as my sole purpose. A metaphysical existence arose the day subsistence was met. I must enable myself to embrace absurdity to its fullest extent. If I am to be condemned to be free, make it the harshest sentence.

 Leo Louis